Debug, test and program your electronic circuits quickly and easily by taking advantage of a range of software and hardware products from XJTAG. The products work with industry standard IEEE 1149.x JTAG boundary scan technology, which is embedded in many chips. By improving your board test and debug process, XJTAG will speed up your design and development as well as providing excellent test coverage in production.

Tessent Tools

The Tessent product suite provides comprehensive silicon test and yield analysis solutions that address the challenges of manufacturing test, debug, and yield ramp for today’s SoCs. Built on the foundation of the best-in-class solutions for each test discipline, Tessent brings them together in a powerful test flow that ensures total chip coverage.

Quantix Tools

Quantix offers a total lifecycle solution for semiconductor test data analytics from initial device characterization— to automated yield and quality management—to RMA analysis. Quantix solutions provide engineers and managers with “semiconductor intelligence” that enables better decision making and process improvement. The products are all based on a common architecture and use model, which makes it easy to scale up your yield and quality management activities as your business grows.



You can find a bunch of standard and customizable courses in VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog languages. Level of course difficulty varies upon your needs.

As for the FPGA flow, CDT provides many FPGA design and verification courses some of which are hands-on lab practices.


CDT provides training and consultancy services led by highly experienced engineers in the context of DO-178C.


CDT provides training, consultancy and DER (Designated Engineering Resource) services led by highly experienced engineers in the context of DO-254. Additionally, a large portfolio of software solutions is available in the following DO-254 design steps: design entry, requirement management, verification, documentation, synthesis etc…


CDT provides IPC standards related trainings and IPC certification trainings in coordination with its strategic partners. For more details please contact us.


As design complexity and frequencies increase, signal integrity becomes a major source of design failures.

Reflection noise, crosstalk, ground bounce, transmission losses, voltage drop, rail collapse, power supply noise and EMI all play a role in system robustness.

In addition to courses on high-speed PCB design, Leading Edge offers signal integrity analysis services using state of the art software tools.