PADS®, Mentor Graphics’ world-leading desktop PCB design tool, enables you to develop PCBs within a highly productive, scalable, and easy-to-use environment with its reliable products.

This family can be classified as PADS Standad/Standard Plus and PADS Professional. Standard family includes PADS Layout. Professional family includes Xpedition technology PADS Pro Layout . Thus it has same advance technologies as Sketch Route etc. Some of PADS product areas; Constraint Management, Schematic, FPGA I/O Optimization , Layout, Library , 3D, Design for Manufacturing / Documentation, PCB Simulation (SI/PI/Thermal/Analog/EMI/EMC/DRC) , Manufacturing Prep , ECAD/MCAD Collaboration, Archive Management

PADS Standart

PADS Standard is aimed at designers who need easy-to-use, efficient and capable tools for PCB design. Pads Standard provides the ability to design circuits and printed circuit boards in an intuitive environment. PADS Standard is an ideal product for the design of printed circuit boards where the main priority is to reduce costs.

PADS Standart Plus

PADS Standard Plus allows you to create more complex projects and provides advanced features for analysis and validation on your printed circuit boards. In addition to standard circuit engineering and topological tools, the PADS Standard Plus includes the Hyperlynx product, in addition to Pads Standard, for signal integrity, EMI / EMC and thermal analysis. With these analyzes, you can test printed circuit boards before production and allow you to reduce design costs.

PADS Professional

PADS Professional is a new approach to solving problems for printed circuit board developers who need an affordable price with a variety of tools. This product provides solutions for high-end and mid-range designs. Based on Xpedition technology, Pads Professional is combined with efficiency and ease of use. As your projects become more complex, PADS Professional's functionality increases. This allows you to develop new products using the latest technologies in electronics and design engineering, considering production efficiency.

Schematic Design

A design studio must be easy to use, fast and correct. Pads aims reliability and affordability from the beginning of process to easily validate and manage.

Advanced Layout & Routing

Design quickly with reusable blocks, RF and high speed routing abilities. Constraints can be added every stage of design process.


In PCB design there is always a need a new part. Partquest presents 700k+ component data on Digikey and has ability to add your library. Within seconds new parts can be added on your library.

Analog Mixed Simulation

From analyzing to realizing, you can design, simulate, and analyze mixed-technology circuits with PADS® Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) cloud-based and desktop solutions.

3D Design

Use 3D visualization for placement and check your PCB after the production. Step models can be added all Pads products. Pads has 3D DRC and shows violations in post-production stage.

Signal Intergrity

Perform signal integrity analyzes to identify potential high-frequency problems in the design that may affect electrical quality and provide guidance on verifying the solution.

DDR Analysis

Successful design of DDR interfaces requires investigation of signal integrity issues and characterization of timing margins. The easy-to-use wizard in PADS HyperLynx DDR walks you through the steps needed to set up parameters for use in SI and timing simulations, helping you achieve first-time design success.

ECAD / MCAD Collaboration

It allows mechanical CAD designers and PADS designers to work together, regardless of which mechanical system is used. PADS is the only multiple MCAD integration platform that uses ProSTEP-approved data exchange methodologies.


Ensure your product ships without signal integrity, power integrity, or EMI issues. Identify electrical design issues that manual inspection and PCB layout tool DRCs cannot catch. Free and low-cost subscription-based rules are available.