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Design & Validation

DFM - Run DFF, DFA and DFT to detect manufacturability

Supply Chain analysis for BOM validation identifying component availability, pricing and quality


Manufacturing Engineering

BOM pricing and costing

Build a full digital twin of the bill-of-process in Teamcenter


Simulate & validate the PCB assembly, stencil, inspection &test process

Generate machine programs and recipes and manage  in Teamcenter


Manufacturing Execution

MES for end-to-end shop floor control and tractability


Intra-plant logistics for managing inventory between storage and consumption scheduling


Analytics: Descriptive and Predictive analysis for data-driven manufacturing



Our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software portfolio provides a holistic solution to improve manufacturing operations performance. CDT enables the digitalization of a broad spectrum of production-related functions, including advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution, quality management, laboratory management, and enterprise manufacturing intelligence. Working together to optimize production processes within the Digital Enterprise, CDT solutions drive operational excellence, with a focus on improving production efficiency, flexibility, and time-to-market.

By fully digitizing process, CDT equip manufacturers with the tools they need to rapidly respond to market changes and disruptive innovation.

advanced sch.jpg

Advanced Planning & Scheduling for Electronics

Digitalization is changing everything, and manufacturers must react quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes, while being able to respond to shorter lead times and satisfy customer demands. These challenges are faced not only by large enterprises, but also small and medium businesses. Opcenter APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solutions have been specifically developed to meet this need, using advanced algorithms that balance demand and capacity to generate achievable production schedules.


Process Preparation for Pcb Assembly & Test

The Valor Process Preparation module is a complete engineering solution for DFx, process development and test engineering for PCB assembly operations. It improves the efficiency and quality of PCB assembly with tools such as optimized front-end DFA analysis, BOM validation, stencil design, SMT programming and line balancing.

Camstar Electronics Suite 640x360_tcm27-56757.jpg

Manufacturing Operations Management for Electronics

Opcenter Execution Electronics is a full digital manufacturing solution for the electronics industry. It addresses PCB, mechanical assembly and box-build production. The solution, based on direct connectivity to machines and production lines, includes manufacturing execution, quality management, material management and manufacturing intelligence.

design for man.PNG

PCB Design for Manufacturing 

Do you expect two to three respins during a PCB design? Respins should be the exception rather than the rule! Valor NPI identifies manufacturing issues using DFM concurrent with your design. Checks can even be run by designers, letting them fix problem areas immediately.


DownStream CAM350 Pcb
Fabrication Optimization

CAM350® is the industry de facto standard for verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication and part of the truly integrated manufacturing data preparation solution from DownStream Technologies.


DownStream BluePrint Pcb
Fabrication Documentation

BluePrint-PCB® works your PCB CAD system and/or CAM350® to help you quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly and inspection processes.

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