Valor MSS addresses the key requirements of Right-First-Time manufacturing, for on-time delivery, cost performance and high quality. These core benefits are achieved with an end-to-end solution that combines off-line preperation and planning with shop-floor execution and control.

Valor Xpedition NPI

Also could be switched on from Xpedition tool, Valor NPI DFM technology brings you a competitive edge by running fabrication and assembly analysis as soon as you receive the design data. By applying DFM rules that have been prepared for you based on manufacturing process capabilities, team members can quickly and easily generate accurate and comprehensive DFM reports.

Valor Process Preparation

Valor Process Preparation by Mentor Graphics provides manufacturers with everything they need to accurately and efficiently run the manufacturing process, while saving costs. Valor Process Preparation promotes an error-free manufacturing process, and it gives you the flexibility to move between machine vendors and different manufacturing sites and to optimize your SMT program, which is essential in today’s manufacturing market.

Valor Production Planning

The Valor Production Plan solution is a finite-planning and scheduling tool for the electronics manufacturing industry that seamlessly connects the planner to the shop floor. Valor Production Plan supports factory planners as they generate production schedules, while adhering to the dynamic manufacturing environment and taking into account the frequent real-time changes that occur in the manufacturing stage.