HDL Designer Series

HDL Designer combines deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, to deliver a powerful HDL design environment that increases the productivity of individual engineers and teams (local or remote) and enables a repeatable and predictable design process.


ReqTracer manages requirements in your FPGA and ASIC design flows. ReqTracer simplifies, automates and enables requirements traceability from specification of the hardware specification through HDL coding, implementation and validation.

Certe Testbench Studio

Certe Testbench Studio offers Eclipse based environments of UVM / OVM based testbenches. Enables easy analysis thanks to Recording Assistant technology.

Tanner MEMS Design Flow

It is possible to implement 3D MEMS design and fabrication and integrate with analog/mixed signal processing designs in a single IC. Foundry-supported applications like mechanical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, electrostatic, magnetic and flow analysis are provided for MEMS designs. This in turn, enables high manufacturability in MEMS designs.

Verification IP Catalog

Due to its increasing complexity, it is becoming more sophisticated to design the standard interfaces for verification purposes. To address these needs, Mentor Graphics has compiled a new verification IP library which includes many industry standards. It consists of reusable verification components and enables the designers to concentrate on their designs uniquely.

Ethernet IP

Mentor Graphics offers the most mature and silicon-proven Ethernet MAC cores available in the industry. Our Ethernet engineering expertise, along with the Ethernet MAC core’s maturity, ensures that you will have a successful and positive experience with Mentor’s Ethernet IP. We are one of just a few IP vendors who are actively involved in the Ethernet standards body and hold voting rights for all of the 802.3 standards. 10-Gigabit, 10/100 Platform, 10/100/1000 Platform.

Memory IP (Novelics)

The Mentor embedded Memory IP seeks to achieve optimum dynamic power, leakage, density, speed, reliability and cost for low-power and high-performance ASIC, ASSP, and SoC designs. These memory IPs are implemented with the standard logic CMOS process with no additional masks or process steps to minimize cost and to maximize reliability and portability. Users of this Memory compete in low-power consumer, wireless, high-speed computing, industrial, and networking applications. MemQuest, coolCAM, coolOTP, coolREG, coolROM, coolSRAM-1T, coolSRAM-6T,coolSRAM-8T

Mixed Signal IP

Silicon proven and pre-certified, Mentor Graphics USB and SATA mixed signal products have exceptionally small footprint and low power requirements compared to other IP vendor solutions. Full-Speed USB 2.0 PHY, High-Speed USB 2.0 PHY, Serial ATA 1.5/3.0 Gbps PHY

Peripheral IP

Range in type and complexity from microcontrollers to communication interfaces such as I2C. Often required to complete ASIC or SoC designs. IP Interface, Processor

Storage IP

Mentor Graphics offers a complete product line of Host and Device controllers for both the Parallel and Serial ATA market. Our silicon proven solutions and Storage engineering experts, combine to offer you a world-class product that enables first time SoC success. We are the only Storage IP vendor to offer non-standard clocking support for our customer’s Parallel ATA designs, which provide greater flexibility when integrating the PATA Host controller into their projects. PCMCIA,Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, Serial ATA 1.5/3.0 Gbps PHY


Mentor Graphics first developed USB Intellectual Property ten years ago. Our extensive USB expertise and 5-STAR global support go hand in hand ensuring customers have a successful experience with our IP. We are heavily involved in the USB-IF certification process, certifying all of our USB products. In fact, our Hi-Speed controller (MUSBMHDRC) was used by the USB-IF for the development of the Hi-Speed protocol tester (HS-OPT), and acts as the golden reference for those obtaining Hi-Speed USB-IF certification. Full-Speed USB 2.0 PHY, High-Speed USB 2.0 PHY, USB 2.0 High/Full Speed, USB 2.0 OTG (On-The_Go), USB Software Stack