Capital Modular

Capital ModularXC enables harness engineers to create fully detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs and modular sub-assemblies. Buildable harness variants are automatically generated, based on user defined choices for decomposition.

Capital Publisher

Capital Publisher is a graphical and design-management tool for authoring service documentation. Capital Publisher uses wiring data from the electrical designers which can be re-rendered into new diagrams with full diagram to diagram navigation. 

Capital Formboard

Capital FormboardXC extends Capital HarnessXC and Capital ModularXC functionality to provide full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the baseline HarnessXC or ModularXC drawings – changes made in one diagram are automatically updated in the other diagram eliminating a common source of error. 

Capital TVM

Capital Harness TVM enables costing & process planning engineers to rapidly and accurately synthesize harness build processes & tasks, costs, manufacturing times, and more, from a harness design created by Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC, or VeSys 2.0 Harness.