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Vesys provides complete solutions to the wiring industry needs with its improved ease of use and advanced features to form your electrical diagrams and cable trees.

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Vesys Design

VeSys® Design is graphical authoring environment for creating vehicle wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols.Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks.

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Vesys Harness

VeSys Harness provides a graphical environment for creating harness and formboard drawings. Harness design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface. Built-in harness-engineering intelligence automates many design tasks

Capital Logic

Capital Logic is a powerful graphical and design-management environment for authoring both logical connectivity designs (signals), and physical wiring designs (wires, splices, multicores, etc). Capital Logic may be used to design both sub-systems and to accomplish interactive system integration, i.e. the merging of multiple sub-systems into the physical structure.

Capital HarnessXC

Capital HarnessXC enables harness engineers to create fully detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs rapidly and easily. Conceived from the ground up to be highly configurable, companies can tailor the tool to meet their precise needs, both in terms of graphical outputs and they way designs are created and validated.

Capital Systems

Capital Systems tools help engineers capture function characteristics and connectivity, and develop optimized implementations within platforms. Software, hardware, network, and electrical functions can be managed together in a lightweight environment that allows these disciplines to collaborate easily.

Capital Topology/Integrator

Capital Integrator is the key application for companies that need Generative Design - a breakthrough in the automation of systems integration. Capital Integrator automatically merges generic sub-system signal connectivity with physical topology to generate fully-detailed vehicle wiring designs. This removes a huge part of the system integration task, saving time, improving quality, and leaving engineers free to innovate and investigate a wide range of physical architectures to determine the optimum layout.